what to do in Vietnam?

what to do in Vietnam?

WHAT TO DO...???

1. yesTrek through tribal villages in Sapa

Laying in the far north of Vietnam, Sapa set itself apart from other cities in the countries with colourful minorities, cool weather year-around and endless terraced fields. Imagine walking uphill and the tremendous valley covered in yellow and green “waves” starts to fill in your eyes. Further down theway into tribals, they dress in the ways you won’t find anywhere else on earth.
Welcome to Sapa!



 2. yesGet lost in the Old Quarter of Hanoi

The streets are small, the alleys aretiny, houses look old, and there arepeople just want to be friends. This area is made out of 36 streets and each one of them is likely specialized in selling one kind of products.Walking from one street to another is like going from one country to another. Also, people here love giving directions, so it is okay to get lost.




 3. yesOvernight in Cruise in Halong Bay

Waking up in the middle of the bay is indeed an unforgettable experience. While getting a cruise trip may be bit pricy, you are guaranteed to get the best moments out of Halong Bay,a UNESCO recognized site. 






                                                                    4. yesTry street food everywhere you go

How about rolling off track and taste the best food on earth? In Vietnam, every place has their distinctive kinds of food that will amaze your six senses. Crab Vermicelli Noodle, Egg Coffee and Beef Jerky Salad in Hanoi or Rice Paper Salad, Snails and hundreds of sweet desserts in Saigon. And don’t worry, they are not going anywhere so take your time.





5. yesDrop a lantern in Thu Bon river in Hoi An

Hoi An is famous not only for having Thu Bon river running across the city, but also for monthly Lantern Festival. If you happen to be in this city on the 15th day of the lunar month, then you are in luck. The city, especially the river, will be lightened up with hundreds of lanterns at night. You may want to buy a couple, make your own wish and let it flow to the gods with the river. In fact, people do it every night lately. It is just more beautiful during the mid-month event.                  




6. yesCrawl through the eminent Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels had become legendary during the 1960s as a strategic military base and community life centre. Try to squeeze in the tight tunnels and discover innumerable trap doors, living areas, storage facilities, classrooms and weapon factories.You can even try to fire an AK-47 for real.!!!





7.yes Enjoy bustling Saigon nightlife

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is a bustling city in the southern Vietnam. When the sun goes away, the city center turns into a big stage filled with music, lightings, irresistible food smell and fires. Why not start making friends with the buddy next to you?


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